For More Than 65 Years Dominik – 1957 to 2022

1957 Founding of our company

Kurt Dominik senior establishes the horticultural business with 20,000 m of free land and a greenhouse of 120 m 2.

1970 Start of mail order business

Expansion of business activities into a mail order business of plants from own production.

1971 New management and expansion of wholesale and mail order activities

Axel Dominik takes over as managing director. Founding of Dominik GmbH & Co. KG.
Start of the delivery of flower bulbs and seed packages.

1993 Founding of Dominik Polska

1997 Introducing Rapido Cut Flower Express

Cut flowers are sent nationwide for the first time by mail order under the name “Rapido Frischblumenexpress”.

1999 New management and founding of Dominik Hungaria

Uwe Dominik and Kurt Dominik junior take over as managing directors.

Founding of Dominik Hungaria with 14 hectares of free land.

2001 reaching the one million mark

The number of flower bouquets sent by mail breaks the mark of one million.

2005 Award at the Horticultural Show

Our own breed of the potted gentian type 220 is awarded the gold medal at the horticultural Show 2005 in Munich.

2007 Expansion Dominik Polska

Dominik Polska, founded in 1993, buys a 5-hectare industrial park with warehouses, cold storage and undeveloped space. Services and distribution in Eastern Europe are strengthened for the long term.

2008 New lines of business

Start of the new lines of business of decoration for All Saints’ Day and Advent.

2011 New cooperation and expansion of the production area

Strategic cooperation with the market leading e-commerce platform.
Acquisition of a 2 hectars commercial area in the immediate vicinity of our production facility.

2013 Sustainable Production

Successful auditing by Global G.A.P.

Dominik produces in a sustainable and resource conserving way. Fairtrade products are an integral part of our assortment and a strategic cooperation with Global G.A.P. is established.

2015 GRASP

GRASP is realized as a further module in connection with the Global G.A.P. certification.

2016 Introduction of teleshopping

Products are now being marketed using the platform of television station HSE .
Greenhouses that have been destroyed by a hail storm are rebuild and fundamentally modernized during the course of their reconstruction.

2017 certified for trade with organic products

Dominik is certified to trade with organic products (Bie-Produkte)

2018 licensend for distribution of “Deutsche Gärtnerware”

Dominik is licensend to distribute under the seal of “German gardener products”

2019 Expansion of greenhouse space

Construction of 1.1 hectares of new greenhouse space starts

2020 General information

On 25ha of space are:

    • 52.000m² of glass greenhouses
    • 19.000m² of foiled greenhouses
    • 10.500m² of warehouse space
    • 40.000m² of rented warehouse space and undeveloped land.

In addition, Dominik has over 25.000 m2 of greenhouse space and 9.000 m2 undeveloped space at 3rd party horticultural businesses. The company employs 150 full time specialists and up to 600 part time production assistants in and outside of Germany.