Our assortment of floristry products covers a wide array of articles, from single roses as welcome gifts to large bouquets with up to 50 roses. We offer colorful bouquets in different price ranges for every occasion, such as birthdays, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. On request, the bouquets can  be sent directly to your customer, with the option of an individualized greeting card
Our portfolio also includes arrangements of various potted plants with flower pots and modern decoration.
We also offer funeral floristry in the form of floral arrangements and wreaths with individually inscribed ribbons.

We also offer a variety of seasonal arrangements.  For the holiday season, we manufacture Christmas arrangements, Advent wreaths with real candles or LED candles, Christmas bouquets and decorated Christmas trees. Another focus of our production are All Saints’ Day arrangements, in terracotta bowls or on wooden trays.

Our floristry range includes products that carry the independent FAIRTRADE seal.

All Year Round available Assortment

Floral Bouquets

We offer bouquets in a wide price range for every occasion. On request, the bouquets can be sent directly to your customer with an individualized greeting card.


We offer to plant individual arrangements according to our customers wishes, in different pots of various materials (wood, terracotta, etc.) in an array of sizes. The arrangements can be assembled from our broad portfolio of products, for instance with color-coordinated plants or sorted by plant type. The finishing touch for our arrangements are decorative items, selected to compliment the theme of the arrangement.

Funeral Floristry

We offer a variety of funeral wreaths and arrangemets of different sizes. Our funeral floristry can be delivered with individually inscribed ribbons.

Seasonal Articles

Valentine´s and Mother´s Day

Our portfolio includes bouquets and arrangements for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and for Easter.  On request, the bouquets and arrangements can  be sent directly to your costumer, with the option of an individualized greeting card.

All Saints‘ Day Arrangements

We offer a wide array of arrangements for graves on wooden trays or in terracotta bowls in various sizes. Our tasteful arrangements are composed by our young and creative team of florists. Our arrangements combine the classical elements of grave floristry with a modern color palette.

Advent Wreaths

We offer various advent wreaths and Christmas wreaths in tasteful color combinations, from the classic advent wreath in red and gold to modern arrangements in petrol or gray. Our arrangements are decorated with high-quality candles and accessories and are labeled with the corresponding warnings for consumers.

Christmas Trees

Our Christmas assortment includes potted Christmas trees. We deliver the plants decorated according to the wishes of our customer. Possible decorations include Christmas baubles, ribbons, natural decorations and Christmas figurines. The trees can be delivered with or without Christmas lights or with artifical snow. We also offer a large selection of flower pots and other decorative containers to choose from.

Christmas Bouquets

During the holiday season, we offer bouquets with amaryllis and festive decoration, such as Christmas baubles and ribbons, in various sizes.

Advent Arrangements

We offer advent arrangements in various sizes, styles and colors, ranging from the classic red and gold to modern options such as petrol and grey. Our arrangements are decorated with one, two or four candles or LED candles.